Monday, May 8, 2006


On the way to work I passed a bus with an interesting advertisement. It consisted of a close-up photo of a woman's chest, wearing a shirt that said


and to the right was the Sun logo and the word "share."

Er, okay.


Steven said...

*scratchs head* I don't get it.

Did you know that you can't open an openoffice document in anything but openoffice? You can't even get a converter for their format. You have to save it as Word in openoffice, because of course ... Word can probably be converted on another machine.

Travis said...

There's an OpenDocument plugin for Office that's reportedly going to be available relatively soon.

[mild sarcasm] Of course, I'm sure it won't support the new shiny, gel-filled, chrome-laden diagrams that you can create with Office 2007! You can find them on the Insert tab in Word, under the name "SmartArt." I think we should have called it "OfficeBling."

Anonymous said...

Today's verification word is "sayugeum".

Travis said...

But now the spambots will know!

Anonymous said...

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Travis said...

Dammit! C1ali5!