Sunday, April 23, 2006

Way past tense

One thing's for certain: when you've been playing a game for nine of the past eleven hours, you've got a lot riding on every decision, every action, and every card draw, even if you're losing. Things get a little tense, even amongst close friends. That's one of many good reasons that you should never play a game for much more than eight hours.


Anonymous said...

A game of Diplomacy reached a boiling point a few years ago when one player was about to backstab another, his brother attacked him, charging through the house trying to take his orders to read them. He tackled the other guy down a fligth of stairs into a basement, where the backstabber stuck the piece of paper in his mouth and ate it.


Luke said...

Have you played Guillotine? I found it wildly entertaining for some reason!

Travis said...

No, but I plan to someday... I've heard of it, at least.