Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My secret confession

My secret confession is that, despite working on the SharePoint Designer team since it was created, and the FrontPage team before that, I've never successfully gotten Windows SharePoint Services to install on a server. My development machine gets SharePoint kind of hacked into place when I build it, and the one time I tried to install it on another server, I couldn't get it working. There was already a site running on port 80 on that server, and I think SharePoint didn't like that. I dunno. All I remember is that two hours and a tedious review of the administration guide later, I was left with no SharePoint...

If you don't know what SharePoint is (I didn't know what it was before starting at Microsoft either), it's a pretty cool website-in-a-box thing that pretty much every team at Microsoft uses to facilitate team communication and information storage. It stores documents and calendars, presents views of data from other servers, runs ASP.NET components, integrates with a variety of Office apps, and allows each user to rearrange the site to their liking, a lot like live.com. I'd link to some official Microsoft info on SharePoint, but the marketing site for the product is incredibly worthless.

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Luke said...

I've often pondered the world's mysteries, like what SharePoint actually is, what globalization means, or what happened to the colony at Roanoke.