Saturday, April 22, 2006

Making a splash with a first impression

Perhaps the most visible change that I've made for Office SharePoint Designer 2007 beta 2 is the new splash screen. That's right; were it not for my diligence, we would have had the same splash screen in beta 2 as we had in beta 1.

There will be people who will use SPD beta 2 who will see nothing that I've added to the product besides the new splash screen, a mostly useless and ephemeral thing that few people care about. That's a bit of a downer.


Anonymous said...

Woah, they took your screen? That's awesome!


Travis said...

No, sadly, they did not take my totally awesome and professional-looking splash screen. But, I was the only person who noticed that we didn't get updated splash screens like every other app in Office, so I made sure that we're at least consistent with the others. Those sorts of details seem to be very obvious to me, but completely lost on the non-graphics-oriented.

I'll talk more about the couple images that are in the product that I did design myself when I talk a little more about what I built, in the near future. They're tiny, insignificant things, but I'll pretend that they're cool. The overwhelming majority of imagery in the product is created by the Office professional design team.