Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I've foreseen my death

I am fairly certain that I know how I'm going to die now. Some jerk built a metal bench in the middle of the sidewalk at a bus stop between my apartment and my office.

My death will come at night. I will be on my Segway. First, in the darkness, I will hit the black bench. Startled, I will jump off my Segway into the street. An oncoming vehicle with no headlights will pummel me. It will be gruesome. Someone will take a picture of the bloody mess and post it to their MySpace site. I am sure of these things.

(There are an inordinate number of people here who drive at night with no headlights. This boggles my mind.)


Anonymous said...

Sounds all a bit final destination to me! - If I were you, I would find a new route to work!

Travis said...

Sadly, unless I want to increase my commute time by about 125% (as in, more than double it), my only option is to take the other side of the street, which isn't too bad, but it does take me to an intersection where I'm about 500% more likely to die thanks to freeway traffic.

Oh well, at least I'll be expecting it this way.