Thursday, April 6, 2006


One of the things different about that venerable old classic Doom versus today's shooters is that you couldn't jump. (Also, there was never more than one vertical level; you couldn't have rooms under other rooms. The engine just didn't support it.) While this would no doubt feel very strange and constricting to a person used to modern shooters (Guild Wars also doesn't let you jump, which did indeed feel very strange last time I played) , it did have one advantage: when you hit a ledge, you knew that you couldn't get over it. There was no "oh, maybe if I press forward at just the right time, or maybe hold down crouch while I jump." There was also no "maybe I can jump from this crate to this one if I press spacebar at just the right time." You could either go there or you couldn't. No ambiguity, and no jumping puzzles. Gordon Freeman is, after all, not Super Mario.

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