Saturday, April 22, 2006


If someone were to call me up while I was with friends or at work and ask me about how leveling up in Oblivion worked, I wouldn't be annoyed. Yet, I would never do something like that myself for fear of being too annoying, even to another person who I knew was similar to me.

Why the double standard?


Derrick Stolee said...

Double standards are usually annoying. This example would be reversed: you would call people asking about the leveling system all the time, but get pissed when people call you about the same.

You just have courtesy

MajorLB said...

I think lots of (nice) people have this double standard. I always want people to feel comfortable at my (parent's) house, but I rarely feel comfortable being at someone else's house. My good friend in high school knew where everything in my kitchen was and would help herself which was great, but I always politely refused food and drink at her house like I would at a stranger's house. It's weird.