Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I got new silicone contact lenses today. They're pretty nice; a definite improvement over my old plastic ones. They're supposed to allow more oxygen and moisture to pass through to the eye, and it certainly feels like they're working. I couldn't even feel them on this morning, something I could never say about my old ones.

I also ordered updated glasses today, as it's been a few years for me now. Having bad eyesight is expensive; it cost me about $500 after rebate for my glasses and contact lenses today, and that's after insurance paid about $650.


Luke said...

Is this the "Night and Day" type?

Travis said...

No, they're Acuvue Oasis. I like them. I still get halos around bright things when I've had them in for too long, though; they're no substitute for perfect vision. :)