Sunday, April 2, 2006

All of my faces are poker faces

I played two games of poker tonight, doing average in the first and taking all in the second. I tend to do pretty well in poker whenever I play it, despite playing it infrequently enough that I need a refresher on bidding each time. I'm not sure why that is. It's certainly not due to skill; I don't really put much thought into my hands. I'm clueless enough that I cheerily announced that I had three pair in a game of Texas hold'em tonight, not even knowing that I only get to use five of the seven cards. I don't think that it's luck, either, because I always feel like I have terrible luck in games.

My best guess is that I make much, much riskier moves in poker than anything else. Generally in every other game I play, I'm extremely cautious, but for some reason in poker, I'm not. It's probably because it's kind of fun to pretend like I'm risking a huge sum of cash but actually not. Being willing to take risks is, of course, quite important.

Also, I've been told that I'm impossible to read. All of my faces are poker faces. And, the way I play a given hand is pretty erratic, so people can't seem to guess how I'll react to any given situation.

Or maybe it's something else entirely, like a lack of statistically sufficient data to make an accurate estimation of my wins, so it seems like I'm doing better than I really am.

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Derrick Stolee said...

It's probably the fact that you are such a newbie that your decisions are sometimes illogical, but sometimes clever, and no one can figure out which is which.