Saturday, March 18, 2006


I've got a little over half a dozen episodes of Star Trek: Voyager left, and then I'll have seen them all. I've been watching them over the course of the last couple years, basically whenever it's dinnertime and Media Center hasn't recorded anything for me in the past couple days. I don't care what the Star Trek fanbase says; I still like Voyager quite a lot. I liked Enterprise a little better, but Voyager's still quite entertaining, and I love the crew and setting. The Emergency Medical Holograph is still my favorite character in all of Star Trek.

I think that next, I'm gonna go back and watch all of Futurama again, as I haven't seen an episode in quite some time now. There's just something so appealing about smart comedy and satire that fits into twenty-two-minute blocks. Four seasons of Futurama should last me through the year at the rate I watch TV.


Kerjo said...

Soap opera in space, yay!

I watched an episode of it today...when the entire crew except Seven has to sleep in stasis chambers for a month.

Steven said...

I just got done watch seasons 5 and 7.

My favorite character is 7 of 9, other wise Tom Paris simply because he is cute.

I can't decide if I like Voyager more than Deep Space Nine. In either event, Next Generation is third and I can't stand the original.

Travis said...

I haven't watched much of Deep Space Nine, though many people say that it's the best. Someday I'll have to.