Saturday, March 18, 2006

V is also for Half-Life

Apparently a woman in the seats in front of me at V for Vendetta tonight is an artist for Valve.

P: That woman I pointed out earlier from Valve? It's definitely her. She's right behind us. 6:30. Maybe 6:15.
Me: Okay.
P: Have you seen the artwork on my wall at the office? She drew that.
Me: Oh, cool. How do you know her? Drawing night?
P: Yeah. She hasn't been there in a year, though. I'd go over there and say hi, but she's with a guy, and it turns out that girls think it's creepy when you haven't seen them in a year and you approach them after midnight.
Me: It also turns out that girls think it's creepy when you send a birthday IM to them, but they didn't tell you their birthday, and they also didn't tell you their IM name, and, well, they don't really know who you are to begin with.
P: I spent most of college figuring out those few things that girls don't find creepy.
Me: Hey, I already wear a long, black coat, and I have more than six knives at home. I should get a mask and carry around knives with me wherever I go just like V.
S: You'd need a cool hat.
P's girlfriend: Please don't. It just so happens that girls also find that creepy.

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Anonymous said...

Haha. Yes, you did creep me out with a birthday IM. You're much less creepy than I originally thought, once I met you. Actually, I take that back. Only a little less creepy. I did still get a kangaroo scrotum from you...