Friday, March 17, 2006

SharePoint Designer Tip #00001

If you're the kind of person who likes to work in Code view in FrontPage or SharePoint Designer, try setting your font to Segoe UI or Consolas instead of Courier New. To do this, click Tools, then Page Editor Options (or Page Options in FrontPage), and then the Default Fonts tab. Change the font in the bottommost dropdown to be the font you want. Segoe UI and Consolas both look very nice in code; I don't like monospaced fonts, so I prefer Segoe UI, but Consolas is the best monospaced font I've seen. Both are installed with Office 2007.

But, there's one caveat. The code view font is different based on what page encoding you're using. To change the font for UTF-8 pages, you have to select UTF-8 from the list. There's an annoying behavior in FrontPage 2003 and SharePoint Designer 2007 where you can only select Tahoma and Courier New from the list for UTF-8 pages. You can work around this by changing the following registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\SharePoint Designer\Charsets\65001
HtmlFont="Segoe UI"

You should be able to do the same in FrontPage 2003, since the SharePoint Designer settings layout is based on FrontPage 2003:

HtmlFont="Segoe UI"

Anyway, you should try out those fonts for Notepad and Visual Studio too. I use Segoe UI 9pt for all of my coding needs, Calibri 11pt for basic text, and Consolas 9pt when I absolutely need a monospaced font (such as for my favorite merge utility). You have all of those already if you have Office 2007 or Windows Vista. It's also worth noting that Calibri and Consolas aren't optimized for use with ClearType turned off; some of the characters have strange jagged edges in that case.

Segoe UI 9pt
Calibri 11pt
Consolas 9pt

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