Friday, March 31, 2006

Once upon a time there were heroes

So far today I've been given the link to four tracks from the Heroes of Might and Magic V soundtrack three times. The third time I realized that pretty much none of you have heard them, and many of you never otherwise will. But, they're very, very pretty; I recommend all four. In fact, they were my favorite four tracks from beta. For the most part, it's the same music that was in the beta, but to my surprise, two of the tracks have changed since then. I'm glad I listened... I only played them because I wanted to see their encoding quality; the beta tracks weren't great.

Heroes of Might and Magic V main theme—This has changed dramatically since beta. It used to be instrumental-only and understated. Now it's exciting and has several vocal parts, including a male operatic part, a female operatic part, and a small choir.

Haven faction theme—The Haven is the human castle. This one has changed quite a bit too. It's similar to the new theme song, but one big thing has changed since beta: the lyrics are now in Latin. They used to be English, and they were awful. Avril Lavigne could have written better lyrics while high. (Once upon a time there were heroes, heroes everywhere. Now the time has come to rise again, heroes everywhere... hear our prayer!) Not only are the lyrics no longer in English, but they're also no longer retarded. (This day of tears, when from the ashes arises guilty man to be judged.)

Sylvan faction theme—The Sylvans are the forest elves, and their theme song is very nature-y and a bit jungle-y. There are no vocals, and this is exactly the same as it was during beta.

Academy faction theme—The Academy is the wizard faction, with an Eastern flair. It's got a lovely violin solo. It is also instrumental, and is the most subdued of the four tracks.

If you have any interest in instrumental music, check those out. If I had spent twenty bucks on a CD that had those four tracks and half an hour of silence I'd still be pleased with my purchase. The Heroes series has always had excellent music, and I'm ecstatic that despite the license being bought out by Ubisoft and totally new people working on the fifth installment, they've tracked down the composers from the previous games to do the music.


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