Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Nasty sparkle

Sparkling water... I don't understand why people drink the stuff. I don't like beer or wine, but they at least have interesting flavors, and I can kind of see someone with a different sense of taste enjoying those flavors. There are even a few beers that I don't mind. But sparkling water is just intolerably nasty. And I just don't get it; it's really popular at Microsoft. The lightly flavored stuff is quite horrible, but the plain / natural "flavor" is just repulsive. To me, it tastes like ultra-stale bad tap water, with bubbles. I can't figure out why people would drink it if they're not stranded in the middle of the desert. I mean, I'd rather drink Fresca.

A friend of mine had an interesting explanation for why he tolerates it. He calls it an acquired taste, and the reason he acquired it was particularly odd. He found that back when he cared about his appearance, he drank a lot of water. He didn't want the calories of something with sugar, or the synthetic additives of diet soft drinks. But, he found that when he drank water, he drank a lot of it, and had to go to the restroom many, many times a day. He got tired of this, so he switched to something he just couldn't down so quickly.

It sounds a bit strange, but I enjoy the fairly frequent trips to the restroom that the many cans of (now Caffeine Free) Diet Coke I down in a day bring. It gives me a chance to rest my eyes, stretch my legs, talk to people, and think things over away from the computer screen. And, of course, to get another can. I don't like the tap water here in the Seattle area, but the cold filtered water is fine... I'd probably drink a lot more regular water if it came in a convenient can form. I don't take a water bottle because it warms up too quickly and I only like drinking cold water. So, for now, I'm still drinking a minimum of about eight cans of something per weekday, primarily Caffeine Free Diet Coke.


Kerjo said...

Yeah, that stuff is terrible.

I remember the first time I drank it, I nearly threw up.

Anonymous said...

Do you go to the dentist a lot, Travis?

Travis said...

Every six months... the excessive consumption of Diet Coke has in no way ruined my mouth to date in the way that, say, coffee probably would have.