Sunday, March 12, 2006

Make fun of the groceries that Travis buys

Ever wondered what kind of stuff Travis buys for groceries? Well, know you can find out. Read on. I should note that I got a 10% discount on this order, so the quantities are a little out of whack. I also left out regular household stuff like toilet bowl cleaner.

6 Lean Cuisine dinners
4 Red Baron Deep Dish mini-pizzas
1 Red Baron breakfast pizza
1 Red Baron supreme pizza
1 Lean Pockets turkey/ham/cheese
1 chicken nuggets
4 jars Ragu
3 boxes penne
8 Hamburger Helper (*1)
2 Tuna Helper
6 boxes Quaker Oat Squares

1 dozen eggs
1 whole wheat bread
5 pounds 93% lean ground beef
3 pounds chicken breasts
3 dozen meatballs (*2)
1 box croutons
4 boxes mashed potatoes
2 boxes au gratin potatoes
1 can Pillsbury reduced fat biscuits
1 can cinnamon rolls
1 package tortillas

3 boxes oatmeal bars
2 boxes Little Debbie snacks (*3)
1 box Ice cream sandwiches
2 bags tortilla chips
1 large box of Goldfish crackers
6 boxes Pepperidge Farm cookies (*4)

2 24-packs Caffine Free Diet Pepsi (*5)
30 bottles Snapple (*6)
2 jugs orange juice

Fruit / vegetables
1 red banana (*7)
3 green bananas
3 peaches
6 cans pears
6 cans corn
4 cups strawberry yogurt

*1: I heart Hamburger Helper. It's pretty much the best thing ever.
*2: Tried this out last time, and they're great! Now I can have meatballs with my pasta.
*3: Mmmmm, fatty impulse buy.
*4: I try to keep a large selection of cookies around for when I have visitors. I have to keep them hidden away so I'll forget that I have them until someone's over.
*5: This may shock you. But, I'm man enough to admit that once you add "Diet" and "Caffeine Free," I don't care too much whether it says "Coke" or "Pepsi" afterward, and Pepsi was half the price.
*6: I heart Snapple too. I used to hate the stuff. But then they stopped making it, as far as I can tell, and now that they make it again, it's either much better or my tastes have changed.
*7: I don't like red bananas or peaches. They're for a top-secret special project. I'm already decently-stocked on other fruits and vegetables.

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