Thursday, March 9, 2006

Looking good in black

Excel 2007 beta 1 technical refresh in black

The new "Obsidian" theme for Office 2007 beta 1 technical refresh. Some things about it I like better than beta 1, and some things I don't like as well. I like the new black theme for the Ribbon apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), but not so much for the classic menu and toolbar apps (Outlook, SharePoint Designer, OneNote). The ribbon UI layout in B1TR is vastly improved from beta 1, but I liked the old colors better; I liked the purple, metal, and glass scheme more than my current choices of powder blue or black.

If I had more time I'd totally build up a custom theme that combined the two. :)

The observant ones will notice that the File menu is now just a blue sphere with the Office logo inside. More Office 2007 beta 1 technical refresh screenshots are on Jensen Harris' blog.


Kerjo said...

Looks cool to me...have they finally figured out new icons for everything?

Travis said...

Beta 1 technical refresh has new icons for almost everything. I don't remember the last time I noticed an orange dot, though there are still some 32x32 icons that are really just 16x16 icons stretched. I imagine that almost everything will be updated in time for beta 2.