Thursday, February 16, 2006

Welcome, Office 2007

So, some of the cats are out of the Office bag now. Some of those cats I didn't even know about.

The next version of Office is going to be Office 2007.

One of the significant things is that there's going to be a new Home and Student edition for $150 that you can install on up to three PCs. That's a nice change. It includes OneNote instead of Outlook. I'm a big fan of Outlook myself, but it's not something that the average home user really needs, especially since Vista is slated to have some calendaring capabilities itself.

And, the more interesting news as far as I'm concerned: search that page for "FrontPage."

More details from me as things circulate around the internet and I'm more sure of what I get to talk about. There are still a few cats that need to stay in the bag for a while.

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