Thursday, February 16, 2006

Kinda crazy but not completely crazy

John C. Dvorak has always stuck me as kind of a crazy, annoying guy, but he's one of the top tech columnists out there. This latest post of his is particularly interesting:

Will Apple adopt Windows?

He says that maybe, just maybe, Apple will shift to becoming a consumer hardware and software company. Finally, "everything can run on a Mac."

Kinda crazy. But... not so crazy that it isn't intriguing, perhaps.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, after read Dvorak's post (and the highly amusing comments about it on Slashdot), it still seems like a somewhat interesting idea. The part that kind of boggles my mind is, if Apple switched to Windows, would they write their own UI theme for Windows so it could still be an "Apple OS"? Would Microsoft pick that up and distribute it? Would pigs fly?