Monday, February 13, 2006


People at work use a maddening amount of jargon, and it's especially irritating when it's just a replacement for a better word. The word one is the noun "ask"—an ask is a request.

Here's a massive list of Microsoft jargon, for the interested.

I think that a lot of the entries on the list are made-up, though. Buzzword Bingo isn't Microsoft jargon, for example; it's a Dilbert reference, unless Dilbert many, many years ago was just referencing something else. But, a lot of the things on that list are terms that I hear every day, and most of them make me a sad panda.


Matthew Beermann said...

Yeah, a lot of those definitely aren't MS-specific.

Travis said...

There's that, too. But even out of the ones that are Microsoft-specific, a bunch are either not used anymore, or not used among the teams that I interact with. I interact with people on teams all throughout the company, at least when I play board games, and they don't stop speaking in jargon when it's game time.

Henry Schimke said...

Hush you, I'm from the land of Jargon. The lord Jargon, Sam, controlls us all.