Sunday, February 5, 2006

It's all about the commercials

Stolen directly from Luke's blog, the Super Bowl commercials on Google Video. MSN's got quite a few too. Each site has commercials not on the other.

My favorites, in no particular order:

Bud Light: magic fridge
Budweiser: the wave
Burger King: Whopperettes
Vault: scarecrow
Ameriquest: don't judge (plane)

Special honors for the V for Vendetta trailer, which looks very interesting on its own, but is also far more entertaining-looking than all of the other movie trailers I saw.

Also, special mention for the GoDaddy commercials, which focused primarily on attractive women's T&A and still managed to suck. However, the Scott Tissue Mike Ditka Halftime Flush wins hands-down for the most unpleasant ad.

Plenty of other good ones too: Degree, MasterCard, Sierra Mist, and the other Ameriquest ad. And, I didn't have to sit or even fast forward through the silly game!

(On a side note, Leonard Nimoy in the Aleve commercial reminded me a lot of Steve Jobs at Macworld and pretty much anything else he does dressed all in black with huge screens behind him.)


Anonymous said...

I thought the Sprint crime deterrent commercial was cute. It made me laugh out loud.

Luke said...

I haven't watched 'em all yet, but the Degree one (Stunt City), I thought was quite good.

Andy Misle said...

The Degree "stunt city" commercial was done about three years ago for Rexona, which is what they call Degree in Europe. It was also far better in its original, minute-long version, though I'm glad they finally brought it to the US:

Travis said...

I haven't seen the Sprint one, though I've heard good things about it.