Friday, February 10, 2006

Desktop clutter

I tend to keep my computer desktop pretty light on clutter. If you ever wanted to know what's on my desktop, this is your lucky day! If not, you might want to skip this post.

A row across the top, containing icons that change rarely and the games I'm playing:

  • Recycle Bin. I like having my Recycle Bin in the upper-left. The upper-left corner is almost always visible if I don't have a maximized window open, and it never moves when my resolution changes.
  • Downloads. My universal downloaded files drop box. I also use it to store random crap, mostly links, that I'll never look at but can't bear to throw away.
  • Green Eclipse. A direct link to my source files.
  • IvoryTower. A link to the website I visit most frequently, my own. It has its own link so I can open it in Internet Explorer; my normal browser at home is NetCaptor, perhaps to be replaced with Firefox for consistency with my office computers.
  • Blog. A direct link to my blog. It's the orange Blogger logo, so I can't miss it, and I occasionally remember to post. (Of course, that didn't work out well for you today, did it?)
  • Playlists. A folder containing links to all of the CDs that I've bought and haven't listened to yet. I'm down to about twenty CDs in the queue. Whenever I want new music, I can pull out a new playlist.
  • PVP Honor Stats. A spreadsheet detailing my player-versus-player activity and statistics in World of Warcraft. I know exactly how many games of Arathi Basin I played each day since the PVP Honor System started, how many kills I got, how much bonus honor I got, and so forth. It helps me identify trends and also helped me to realize the point where my chances of advancing further in the rankings were very low because of the limited time I spend playing.
  • World of Warcraft. I log on at least once a day, at least to check my mail and auctions, even though I usually only "play" two or three times a week.
  • Thottbot. Thottbot is the essential resource for all things World of Warcraft. Some of the quests are pretty obscure, and Thottbot has an automated database that tells you where to finish them. It also has statistics for every non-player character, weapon, armor, spell, and magical artifact in the game. You can't really play WoW without it. It's actually a very cool project; it requires very little human input to maintain... it all updates itself thanks to bots that volunteers install on their computers to upload collected data to their servers.
  • Guild Wars. In theory, when Marc and I can't find a World of Warcraft group, we'll play Guild Wars. In reality, we've only played a couple times.
  • Civilization IV. The game I'm theoretically playing when not playing World of Warcraft. I haven't actually played it in a couple weeks now. I still want to get back into it, though, because it's a great game.
  • Heroes V. The Heroes of Might and Magic V beta. I probably won't play it anymore, so I can probably uninstall it. I'll wait for it to be finished and polished.

Then, I keep more ephemeral icons in a column down the left side of my screen:

  • LSD remixes. A shortcut to Love, Sensuality, Devotion: The Remix Collection by Enigma. One of three albums I'm listening to at the moment. Good stuff in there; not as good as the regular non-remix albums, but still entertaining. I'm listening to it now.
  • Takk... A shortcut to Takk... by Sigur Rós. Another album I'm listening to right now. Extremely weird but kind of neat.
  • Wikked Lil' Grrrls. A shortcut to an album with that title by Esthero. The third album I'm listening to right now. It's not bad. Once I've listened to each one a few more times, I'll add the best songs to my primary playlist (mmmm, about fifteen days of constant music) and then delete the shortcut.
  • SR turnin contest. A guild on my World of Warcraft server, the Silvan Rangers, is running a contest in which I am participating for the chance for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win great in-game stuff and visit a place I'll never otherwise see, as well as large in-game cash prizes. This link goes to the scoreboard.
  • Madonna - Sorry. A link to Madonna's new video on AOL, so I can watch it today. (I just watched it. It's pretty entertaining. I can delete the link now.)
  • Three links to Something Awful. Something Awful has some new content that I want to read and see. Once I read the articles, I'll delete the links. The links remind me to go there.
  • GameSpy - WoW at 60. GameSpy has a guide to some of the things you can do once your character in World of Warcraft reaches the maximum level, 60, which I did many, many months ago. I plan to read through to look for things I haven't done yet.

And that's it. The top row is for icons that I need each day or at least frequently, and the left column is for stuff I need to deal with and then delete. I keep everything else off my desktop and properly filed away. I'm anal like that. Now, wasn't that boring?

Of course, I've also got plenty of sticky notes on my desktop, but I was mostly talking about files.

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