Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Bill O'RLY

This amuses me. I'll try to calm down with the EclipseCrossword posts after this...

I got an email from someone saying that they couldn't load Bill O'Reilly's crossword. I get a lot of requests for puzzle answers from people who don't know that EclipseCrossword is an application, not an online service, so I don't have any access to their answers. I also get questions about peoples' (mostly teachers') specific websites. I assumed that this mail was another one of those.

But then I thought... surely she doesn't mean the Bill O'Reilly. But, lo and behold, Bill O'Reilly's website has crossword puzzles featuring EclipseCrossword. Can't really say that I'm honored, per se, but exposure is exposure, and having my software used on a high-traffic site is full of warm fuzzies, regardless of what site it may be. Usually bigger groups and organizations are pretty hesitant to put the stock pages that EclipseCrossword creates on their sites because they're full of links to my site and sort of "advertise" my product.

Of course, the applet kind of sucks. It wasn't that great five years ago when I made it.

Anyone notice anything odd about this image from his site?

Picture of a crossword from the Bill O'Reilly website


Anonymous said...

Talking Points believes that even I have to say, with no sarcasm: "good for you Spomey".

Anonymous said...

Dude, your shit is bananas.

I'm not very good at complimenting people.