Friday, February 10, 2006

Apple the monopoly

Okay, so I find this particularly funny. Someone wants to prosecute Apple as a monopoly, specifically for the illegal bundling of iTunes and iPod.

The evil part of me says, haha, screw them. They'll get what they deserve, those jerks! But, I don't really believe that. I don't believe that Apple is guilty of anything, and I honestly don't believe that Microsoft did anything wrong with Windows and Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player. If I thought they did, I probably wouldn't be working for them. I think that what Apple is guilty of is making a high-quality product that has brought them great success, success that someone else is upset about.


Henry Schimke said...

Agreed, on both MS and Apple.

Anonymous said...

The argument usually goes: most people are dumb and don't know how to choose their software and just use bundles. I don't buy it.

Anonymous said...

I would tend to agree, IE does not a solid antitrust case make; and the result was generally bad law. The compelling fact that led Judge Jackson to his ruling (it seems to me from reading it) in that regard was allowing himself to consider other, very damning, acts on the part of MS. A good example of sucha "bad act" is it's treatment of OEMs throughout the 90s.

The only difference in this case, is that Apple fabricates and distributes the iPod itself, so it is arguable that they can constrain it in anyway they want ... lucky for them the HP branded iPod went the way of Geoworks.