Sunday, January 29, 2006


I've just been informed by an innocent bystander that EclipseCrossword was chosen as one of "The best free software" products of 2005 by cnet That's very cool. But, you'd think that they would have at least sent an email or something about it. I didn't know until two months later.

EclipseCrossword on


Anonymous said...

Under your "What others have said about EclipseCrossword" section on your website you say this fact but you don't provide a link to it. You should.

Anonymous said...

Has your number of downloads increased as a result of this?

Travis said...

Actually, the blue header above that text is a link. But, that site definitely sucks. I reeeeally need to make a new site.

No, it hasn't really affected the number of downloads, which is too bad. There may have been a slight spike at the beginning of December (I'd have to check), but nothing significant.