Saturday, January 7, 2006

This product blows

It's 3:30 and I should go to bed, but I couldn't resist posting this...

I bought myself a hair dryer. I thought I'd try it out after soaking my hair in glue; maybe it would help it to stick up better once it gets longer and gravity has its way. The box for the dryer, though, it just hilarious to me. It's a Vidal Sassoon® Professional Ionic™ 1875W Professional Ion Dryer, an Ionizer™ part of the Ionity® line of styling tools by Vidal Sassoon. Among the features of this fantastic device:

ION On/Off switch—turns hair-conditioning IONS on or off
Airflow concentrator—for precise styling
6 Heat/speed combinations and Cold Shot button—for total drying and styling control
Removable filter—for easy cleaning

In case you're having difficulty imagining what an airflow concentrator is, it's a funnel that you can stick on the end. Very high-tech.

Besides the overwhelming prevalence of "ion" all over the box, often in red, the most amusing thing about the box is that it's part of the Hair Hydration Series™. Who wants "hydration" as an adjective for a hair dryer? I guess the deal is that you don't rob your hair of inner moisture while you get rid of the water that's actually making your hair wet. But, wow.

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