Saturday, January 14, 2006

Quotes make good lazy posts

Mike: ...and most of the time, there's a good male/female ratio at these things, though sometimes there are more guys.
Jim: Well, see, that's no good.
Mike: Unless you're gay.
Jim: Sadly, no.
Mike: Well, I wasn't sure; you're 37 and you've never dated since I met you. What about you, Travis?
Me: Sadly, no, but there's also no data to go on, so that's just extrapolation.
Mike: Well, no shit. Let's not kid ourselves.
(we were just then arriving at my apartment)
Me: Well, thank you, gentlemen.
Mike: So, just so we're clear on this, you're going to sit at home instead of going to the event with the single women you so desperately need?

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