Monday, January 16, 2006

Move over, compulsion

I realized something not long ago, and it's a step toward combating my compulsive need to organize: there's no need for me to sort and file my bank statements, bills, and other documents that I get. I've already got a huge pile of unsorted junk, thanks in part to going many months before I got around to buying a file cabinet and the properly-sized hanging folders. Organizing those things now has no benefit to me. I might as well wait until I need to find a few of those documents, or I at least move to a new place or need the that they occupy. At first it was my burning need to organize things pitted against the lack of time I have to do the things I want to do, but now I've safely prevented myself from organizing prematurely. The same kind of thing happened with my music collection around then: I realized that there's no longer any reason for me to store my CDs separately from their cases (the original reason being that I wanted them with me at school, but not the bulky cases). But, there's also no reason for me to put them back in their cases. I might as well wait until I either need the binder or re-rip everything into a lossless format. Neither of those things is particularly likely to happen anytime soon. As long as I can keep my obsessiveness in check, it won't bother me too much that I currently have some CDs in cases and some in binders. If I think about it, I'll be annoyed (I'm a bit annoyed right now), but if I can just ignore it, I'm fine.

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