Friday, January 20, 2006

The internets bring me pretty things

No, no, no; I'm not talking about pornography.

Today the menu screen of Guild Wars changed to a very beautiful island scene with some great music, to celebrate the Guild Wars: Factions expansion pack preview that starts tomorrow. It's awesome how I can just start up the game one day and have a different menu and even different theme music. I certainly appreciate the more cartoon stylings and rich character of the Warcraft universe (though admittedly when the Warcraft III beta first came out I didn't like it at all), but I'm also a sucker for the prettier-than-reality stylings of what I've seen so far of Guild Wars.

The internets also brought me the Star Wars: Empire at War demo yesterday, which I haven't really played yet, but it also looks pretty, and is put together by veterans of the now-sadly-defunct Westwood Studios, which means that they may automatically receive even slightly more unrelenting love than I would assign to a Blizzard project.

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