Monday, January 23, 2006

Heroes worship

Well, I got my fix of the Heroes of Might and Magic V beta, and it's fantastic. I can't wait until it's released. It's gorgeous, and they've kept true to the series' roots. Being a beta, there are certainly some interface quirks, but most areas are fairly solid already. The graphics are very nice right now, and the unfinished musical score is overall lovely as well. Like other games not focused on action, I'm not a huge fan of playing Heroes versus other people who aren't within speaking distance. It's a complicated board game, and board games aren't nearly as fun when your opponent isn't around.

The beta introduces a neat new multiplayer mode where you can just fight a single battle versus an opponent. If you have as much control over your character and army as you do in Etherlords II (produced by the same team), and it can be played against the AI, that will probably be a favorite feature of mine.

So, I'll probably play around with it a little more, submit a ton of feedback, and then push it aside until it's done and ready and more polished... and has a solo campaign. Until then, maybe you guys will be lucky enough to not have to hear about it anymore...

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