Monday, January 23, 2006


I ordered a few test prints from Costco's online photo center, and I have to say that I'm quite impressed. My parents' photo printer wasn't too expensive and produces very nice prints, but it's not cheap to buy photo paper and cartridges. The results from the test prints I got from Costco were excellent, and didn't require me to wait for them to print and dry, and incompetently attempt to cut them out from a printed page. They were cheap, and shipping was free. Really my only annoyance is that they don't look exactly as they do on screen, which is to be totally expected, because I don't color-calibrate my monitor. But, I'm thinking about it. As much as I like to play around with images, I really should. There are frequently-updated printer profiles available for every Costco store printer, just in case I want to go nuts. But, the prints I got were certainly high-quality. I'll probably order prints of things more frequently now since they're cheap and it's always nice to have a few non-digital photos around. I've had the same ones up in my apartment for a year. They don't even mind printing pictures that clearly aren't photos, like that Mimefield Photoshop I posted a few days back, or some of the digital art I've made over the years, which I was slightly worried about.

I think next time, I'll get a 20x30 poster. I've always thought it would be cool to have poster prints of some of my own art. And, by cool, I mostly mean unbelievably pretentious.

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