Saturday, January 21, 2006


Sometimes I just get confused at random times of the day. It happens much more frequently in the mornings, but it happened again just now. I was sitting at the computer, and I got up to go swap my laundry. Instead, I picked up the empty Snapple bottle from my desk, went into my bathroom, put it next to the sink, closed the door, and sat back down. Then, I realized what I just did.

The classic example of this that some of you are familiar with is that one Sunday morning back in the dorms, I got up to take a shower. Instead, I picked up the bar of soap next to the sink, threw it into the toilet, and just stood there wondering what I just did.

My brain is broken. :(


Derrick Stolee said...

Very similar to when you substituted salt for sugar?

Luke said...


Travis said...

No, no; that was just misreading the recipe and havnig no sense whatsoever of what kinds and amounts of ingredients go into things.