Saturday, December 31, 2005

Worst new year ever

Well, this new year is going to start off really well. Now I've got (1) the flu, (2) a buildup of fluid in my ear -or- an ear infection, and (3) pink eye. At first I called myself lucky because the other two people I was around for Christmas who got sick also got either an ear infection or pink eye in addition to a cold or flu, and all I got was the latter. It seems I'm just spreading my misery over time. At this rate, I won't be making it into work at all next week, hoping to work from home a bit in the second half. It's fine, I guess, since I have way more sick days than I can use anyway, but if I'm not taking an actual vacation, I think I'd rather be at work, because this just sucks. It would be okay, I guess, if I could still do things, but the pain and discomfort and grogginess is preventing me from concentrating, which means I can't write or debug any code. I also have a feeling that my reflexes and response times are pretty horrendous right now, so I haven't even bothered trying to play World of Warcraft. So, I've spent the last two days doing little but sleeping, watching Simpsons DVDs, and playing the Neverwinter Nights expansions, which thankfully require little brain power and no quick fingers.

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