Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What I read

Let's take a look at my NetCaptor and Firefox bookmarks.

Stuff I check almost every day:

  • IvoryTower—You know about this or you don't. It's my own website. I read the things that people post to it several times a day.
  • cnet news.com—A decent source of general computer industry news.
  • Slashdot—My best source for general technology news and incredibly biased links and articles about the software industry.
  • IGN PC—I really dislike IGN. I only go there because they're big enough that they sometimes get exclusive video game-related stories and content.
  • The Adrenaline Vault—This used to be my favorite gaming site. Now it's rarely updated, and when it is updated, it's a weird selection of new content. Hopefully it will make a comeback.
  • GameSpot PC—Still not that great, but better than IGN. My best source for general gaming news, which I don't pay much attention to anymore.
  • ToTheGame—A daily collection of links to anything about specific games, but nothing about gaming in general. My best source for up-to-the-minute information about upcoming games, as well as pretty accurate release date estimations and lots of screenshots and review links.
  • Celestial Heavens—Nothing but news about Might and Magic.
  • World of Warcraft—Duh. World of Warcraft news. Their forums make me cry more each time I visit them. If you like reading online arguments by screaming teenagers and people who are much more horrible than you, no matter how bad you may be, this is the place.
  • Penny Arcade—The funniest comic there is on any topic. Their blog posts are interesting too.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del—Another game-related comic. I read this hoping for that rare comic or two each month that makes me smile a little bit.
  • Paul Thurrott's Windows news—The guy's crazy, and a bad reviewer and writer, but I know that when he talks about something Microsoft-related, it's okay for me to talk about it too.
  • NeoWin—News for the Windows enthusiast. Also covers big non-Windows topics, like video cards, processors, and so forth.
  • WinBeta—Similar to NeoWin; there's a lot of overlap in content.
  • SlickDeals—Cheap stuff.

Less than daily:

  • The Onion—I mostly go to the Onion anymore for the infographic, What Do You Think?, and the A.V. Club content, including the Savage Love column, the Red Meat comic, and other random crap.
  • Something Awful—NSFW. Photoshop Phriday is usually hilarious. Comedy Goldmine is sometimes funny. Hentai reviews and The Horrors of Porn are usually great.
And, uh, a few... other... sites. I'd tell you what they are, but this post is so long already...

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