Wednesday, December 21, 2005

What goes around

Perhaps karma can be explained by simple armchair psychology. People who do good things will eventually tend to develop a positive attitude toward the world after seeing the happiness that their works produce. In this positive state of mind, they will tend to focus more on positive aspects of things and pay less attention to the negative aspects. So, it seems that luck is in their favor. In contrast, people who do selfish things will trend toward a negative attitude after experiencing how people treat them in return. In this negative state of mind, they may perceive the same event in a totally different light, seeming as if luck is against them.

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Anonymous said...

You have a good point about positive deeds and positive attitudes.

From my point of view, Karma sort of needs an afterlife to make sense. If I have an afterlife, then my destiny can be determined by my deeds. If I don't have an afterlife, then my destiny could end with this life from some hardship that's beyond my control. This is a problem for the concept of Karma.

Even without an afterlife, there's still limited Karma. And I suppose you could also say that, well, I might have hardships, but I still have a positive attitude so I'm happy. But that's different from my destiny, I think.