Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Vindictive mental facilities

I'm so sore today. I didn't really sleep last night. I mean, I slept a little, but I think only an hour or two; the rest of the time I just couldn't fall asleep. I didn't get up really late or anything like that; I was tired, but sleep would not come.

Right now I feel soreness and pain as if I worked out really hard last night for the first time in weeks, but also the usual warmth and slowed reactions of not having slept. Coincidentally, last night I decided that tonight would be the night that I would get back to regular workouts, having picked "around Christmas" a few weeks ago.

Here's what happened.

The part of my brain that doesn't think things through, who we'll call Albert, the part of my brain that enjoys entertaining things like games, Bill, and the part of my brain that doesn't like horrible pain, Cassandra, all had an argument.

Albert: Hey, tomorrow it's time to start working out again!
Cassandra: What? Nobody told me this. What do you mean? What's wrong with you?
Albert: It'll be great!
Bill: What are you talking about? That's insane.
Albert: It'll be great!
- Bill and Cassandra look at each other, and then Bill distracts Albert while Cassandra stealthily knocks Albert out, Splinter Cell-style. -
Bill: That was close. We should punish Albert to make sure this doesn't happen again. I'll make Travis not be able to sleep tonight.
- Bill leaves. -
Cassandra: That's pathetic. I'll remind him of how awful he feels the morning after a workout.
- Later... -
Bill: Come to think of it, he's pretty used to sleep deprivation. I'll make him feel as if he hasn't slept in a week, especially since Cassandra isn't doing anything.

And, that's what happened. Bill and Cassandra both exacted painful punishments upon me for Albert's foolishness, and, combined, I feel horrible. I can barely walk down the hall, let alone use a leg press. So, they won; no workout tonight.

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Luke said...

Oh my. Well, I can say that I've at least been doing my cardio this week. Keeping it up when I go back to work, though, is gonna be tough!