Thursday, December 29, 2005

Trop cher

Map of nearby homes

My goodness, homes are so expensive around here. I knew they were expensive, but I didn't quite know how expensive a house near the Microsoft campus is. Looks like the cheapest ones are half a million dollars on up.

I've been playing around with HomePages. Go to zip code 98052, pan a little to the southwest, and zoom in if you want to play along at home. It's a very cool little site.

That empty area right below the big tag thingy, as well as some of the empty area to the west of the freeway, is Microsoft. I currently live right to the west of "Beds/Baths." So, uh, I guess I won't be buying a house near work. I think just the interest on the loan would be about all I could afford each month. Most of these houses are so big anyway... I don't need two or three thousand square feet; my current place is one thousand and that's all I really need.

There aren't a lot of condo openings around here, but those that are available are under a quarter million, which, as insane as it sounds to me right now, would be fine. A $200,000 condo, even after adding in the monthly fees assessed by the complex, wouldn't be much more expensive than what I'm paying for rent right now. It looks like there's one two-level place nearby right now. That would be ideal, because I don't really want anyone living above or below me.

I'm not against living farther away from work, but I hate the idea of having to commute. I'd say that around 15-20 minutes is my absolute upper limit, and with traffic the way it is around here, that probably means nothing that takes me on the freeway. I'd have to be getting a much nicer place for the same money to consider getting something far away from work. At the very least, I'd have to factor a few extra thousand in for a car and insurance... Prices are a bit more reasonable in nearby cities like Kirkland (northwest of where I am), where a few of my friends live. I could probably live with that.

Of course, I'd greatly miss the package service my complex offers...

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