Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Serene in less than 48 hours

Serenity's out tomorrow, so I'll get it Wednesday. I still haven't seen it, and I'm very much looking forward to watching how Firefly ends.

I've never really been one for renting movies, no matter how much more financial sense it may make. I guess if I watch a movie twice, that's maybe ten bucks or so worth of rental, and four to eight more to just buy the movie. Owning movies allows me to watch a movie I've seen before a second or third or tenth time precisely when I feel like it, which is nice. A rental would either need to be planned out in advance and sent to me, or be picked up from a video store. I may still decide to rent a bunch of movies for a while someday, movies that I don't think that I'll really feel like watching a second time. Movies like Casablanca and Lawrence of Arabia and The Shining, movies that I should see just because of the world I live in, not because I think I'll feel like adding them to my permanent collection.

I think I'd be much more likely to rent if there were a large library of movies available to me on demand without having to go somewhere or order anything.


Andy Misle said...

Netflix? Or does that not meet your definition of "not ordering?"

Travis said...

Yeah, Netflix isn't really what I want. It's still probably what I'll end up doing for the movies I lumped in with Lawrence of Arabia, but I like being able to watch whatever I feel like watching, right when I want to watch it. Also, I'd need to watch a couple movies a month to make it worth my money, and I wouldn't like feeling obligated to use my subscription, and I know I would.