Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Queue of goodness

One of the nice things about GoGamer is that they will often have in stock a DVD version of a game that doesn't normally come in a DVD version in the United States. For some reason games on DVD are more popular in Europe than they are here, so a lot of times GoGamer will have both the US English CD version and the UK English DVD version. So, I can get games for a good $10-15 less than other places and not pay tax and get them on DVD. GoGamer and Deep Discount CD/DVD for music and movies receive a frightening portion of my monthly income.

I've fallen behind; there are too many great-looking games that have gone unplayed for far too long. I'm going to make an effort this month to get to work on my queue of goodness. I need to get as much cleared out in the next three months or so as I can, because soon after will mark the potential arrivals of Oblivion, the Half-Life 2 expansion, and Heroes V, and... I just can't handle all that at once. I can imagine that I'll take a couple days off when the first of those three is released. I've got at least one game I really want to play that's already out in almost every genre I care about.

I love being a gamer.

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