Tuesday, December 20, 2005

On the merits of crotchbra

I'm not certain why boxer shorts aren't more popular among women. I would guess that the main reason is that they're simply not available for women, per se, and that they're definitely seen as masculine. I mean, if panties were the most comfortable thing around, you wouldn't see a lot of guys in them. That aside, I think that boxers are phenomenally more comfortable for everyday use than anything else available for guys, and it seems like women would find them comfortable too. I've known a couple girls who swore by them, but they were certainly a rarity.

But, eh, people are picky about these things. There are plenty of men who find briefs comfortable, which I don't really understand anymore. I thought they were comfortable up until I was about twelve or so and proportions corrected themselves, and for the latter half of my life I've found them pretty detestable. I guess there's a minority of guys who find women's underwear comfortable as well, even putting the obvious eroticism and fantasy elements aside. I don't get that. They look so uncomfortable. I mean, the higher-quality materials thing is nice, but... panties look like some kind of crotch-bra. I don't know anyone of any gender who thinks that a bra is the pinnacle of comfort, and my nipples are far less sensitive than other parts of my body.

I also don't get the commando thing. I've tried it, and going without is just horribly unpleasant with anything other than, say, gym shorts. It seems like it wouldn't be much more comfortable for a woman.

I tend to notice what underwear people are wearing. At some point you're bound to find out this crucial information about just about everyone you hang out with, as I see it. It's just yet another data point as you try to figure someone out. An interesting little nugget of uselessness.

So, I'm a boxers guy. Don't be shy; announce your preference to the world right from my comments page! Bonus points to any female who explains why they never tried boxers, or if they did, what they thought.


Anonymous said...

Interesting choice of subject matter. ;-)

Like you, I am a boxers guy who converted from tighty-whiteys long about the time I hit puberty. I find that there are pros and cons to boxers, of course: one's bits and bobs aren't squeezed all together, which is good, but especially with low-quality fabrics, "riding" up the legs can be a problem.

I think I can offer you an answer to why some women would never do the boxers thing: "that time of the month." If a woman wears boxers, she's looking at tampons or nothing as her means of protection. Pads and/or panty liners by definition kinda require panties. :-P

(Why is it that that's fairly obvious to a gay man like me, but it never occurred to the straight guy here?) ;-)

Luke said...

Boxers for me, too. I had a hybrid selection through high school, but fully changed over during college. It took some getting used to, but it's much better. When I did wear briefs, I never wore the right size -- always bigger -- which rather negated the whole idea; and I did that because a regular-sized brief was too uncomfortable. I don't know why I didn't get the message earlier. :)

As for the bra being the pinnacle of comfort? Well, my understanding is that it's better than the alternative (no bra) for girls with moderate chests. You can put an eye out with one of those things.

MajorLB said...
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MajorLB said...

I find it quite humorous that I didn't even think of larry's given explanation for why girls don't wear boxers. But that is a valid point.

You have to look at what we wear in terms of trousers. Our jeans are tight and "form-fitting." This makes boxers uncomfortable, because they would bunch up terribly and unattractive because they would show all over the place. I also have a feeling that boxers would give pretty bad wedgies. Tight jeans also make commando not very comfortable. Some people do it, but I think it's one of those things you have to get used to. I prefer not to rub up against denim. The only time commando is comfortable is in sweat pants with a drawstring tied very tightly.

Wow, this was quite the overshare.

Derrick Stolee said...

I used to be a big boxer fan, but recently moved to boxer briefs. Boxers were just too inconsistent. It's probably because I don't spend too much on underwear, because the cheap stuff just wasn't comfortable anymore. I didn't like the constant riding up, or constant "shifting" that always made me look like a creep (or be comfortable until I could find privacy to take care of things), or the little hole in the front that would open up and make it just as bad as going commando. Zippers are the devil.

Boxer briefs do a good job of keeping everything where it is, while not constricting. I think the added parts down the leg keep from pinching in the crotch like regular briefs do.

Travis said...

Larry—Brilliant. I'm kind of ashamed that I didn't think of that. (That's not something that I really spend time thinking about...) Now that's outisde-the-box thinking. (And that's a double entendre.)

Luke—Yeah, I started finding briefs uncomfortable at puberty, but also didn't bother switching over until high school, just because I had already tried boxers before and didn't like them. I didn't realize that my discomfort was unnecessary. :)

Laura—That's true. The girls who I've known who wore boxers weren't wearing tight clothing at the time. I imagine that a woman going commando in tight jeans is approximately as uncomfortable as a man going commando in any jeans, due to the positioning of things.

Stolee—Also good points. I'm pretty particular about my underwear. I never had problems with riding up, but shifting is something that I experienced with briefs too. Boxer briefs are still more constricting than what I like, but I prefer them to briefs.

I think the key takeaway here is that I need to spend more time thinking about clothed genitals!