Saturday, December 24, 2005


I'm going to have plenty of time to myself for the next week and a half. Most everyone I know around here is going to be gone as of the next few days. No lunch because my coworkers will be gone, no dinner because the people I tend to eat with will be gone, and no World of Warcraft or Guild Wars because Marc will be gone. Board gaming, however, shall march on... I have enough friends from game night that I'm pretty much guaranteed some card-auctioning, strategy-exploiting, dice-rolling action over the holidays, including a full day of games Tuesday, starting with the established classic "playing hooky from work."

I finished Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and found it excellent. My main problem was that there were too many parts where I had to search and search (or consult a walkthrough) to find where that exposed ventilation shaft is, or where I can climb up onto the building by performing a wall jump, or some other non-obvious thing. It was like a little touch of Myst in an action game.

I've recently begun the Neverwinter Nights expansion Shadows of Undrentide, but I've only put about an hour into it. I have a feeling that my paladin from the original game is woefully overleveled for the early content in the expansion.

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