Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Go Karts

As a morale event, the development team is going go-karting tonight. Mmmmm, go-karts in thirty-degree weather. Fantastic morale event idea.

[Correction: It was indoors. Duh. Not sure why I expected otherwise.]


Henry Schimke said...

If you crash one, and it bursts into flames...

I'm just saying, warmth.

Or, well, this IS the law of the track, you can kill, gut, and crawl inside one of your less pleasant coworkers with no regrets.

Anonymous said...

My reccomendation is to bring along some Mario Kart related items, a feather, a painted turtle shell (or three) and a couple banana peels.

That'll make the event more interesting.

Travis said...

About half of the lunchtime converstion beforehand involved talk of turtle shells and mushrooms, so we were way ahead of you.

I managed to be in the only crash severe enough to warrant the two judges running over to see if I was still alive. I was about one lap into my actually-not-sucking streak, but there was a guy behind me who tried to pass me and apparently freaked me out, causing me to not turn at the same time that the road did.