Tuesday, December 13, 2005

ESP double checking

Often after I write something, whether it's an email, forums post, blog post, or something else, I'm thinking about it a few minutes later and feel like I probably made a mistake in or near one particular sentence. So, I go back and reread it. Often it's nothing, but often enough I actually did make some mistake in my wording around where I thought I did. It's a very subconscious thing; I don't know why I feel like I made a mistake there, or even necessarily much about what that sentence was. I just have a gut feeling that I made a mistake with the last sentence of the second paragraph. I guess "subconscious" is a valid word for that. After writing, I sometimes have intuitive feelings that point me to errors I didn't realize were present when the text was written. I really have no idea if this is something that most other people experience too.


Anonymous said...

the Force is strong with you young Spomey.

Travis said...

Clearly it is far from reliable, though, as I glanced at the post for about half a second after reading your comment and found another error to correct that went unnoticed.