Saturday, December 3, 2005

Blue flowers and Mr. F

I finally saw Batman Begins. Good movie! I was never a fan of the Batman movies, though some of the previous ones were entertaining enough, but Batman Begins was excellent. No need to really say anything more since I was the last person in the United States to see it.

Now that I've seen the reviews for Aeon Flux, I think I'm glad I nixed going to see it last night in favor of another watching of State and Main followed by three games of Diamant and then Colossal Arena. My favorite Aeon Flux review blurb:

"It was so uncomfortable to watch this film, I felt like I was desperately holding back a bout of extreme diarrhea while having dinner with my girlfriend's folks for the first time."
—Kevin Carr, 7M PICTURES


Anonymous said...

I didn't think Aeon was that bad. It wasn't the best movie by any means ... I thought it had a lot of original things in it.

Henry Schimke said...

I liked the movie in the same way I liked "War of the Worlds." It was a lot of fun, it was interesting, etc.

Travis said...

War of the Worlds looks really bad too... and maybe entertaining. I haven't seen it.