Sunday, December 18, 2005

Band camp

During tonight's American Dad I saw an advertisement for American Pie Presents: Band Camp, an unrated, straight-to-DVD movie in the American Pie series. I laughed, of course, when I saw that it was a straight-to-DVD movie. Then it struck me: the other American Pie movies were rated R. That means that a large chunk of the potential audience can't see it in theatres... but they can see it on DVD. So, why not just release straight to DVD? It actually makes a lot of sense, now that I've thought about it more. I guess there are a few places that actually check ID to buy movies (I'm sure Wal-Mart is one, and I bet that a lot of movie rental places would), but I'd bet that a lot more theatres check ID.

Then again, I'm not sure. I've rarely had my ID checked for anything.


Luke said...

On the subject of having ID checked, sitting at a table where I was younger than everyone else (others all in the 24-27 range), I was the only one whose ID was not checked!

Travis said...

The world in general seems to just really suck at guessing the ages of people around ours. It must be that the kinds of things that happen around our age happen to other people at wildly different times... hair loss in men, for example. I don't thik I even know any good indicators for women; I can't tell women's ages apart at all.