Saturday, December 3, 2005

The agony of technology

I have a love/hate relationship with big technology purchases. I love to plan them out and I hate to plan them out. The last thing that I feel like buying anytime soon is a massive TV. I've got the ridiculously expensive speakers (purchased for Half-Life 2, but early enough for Doom 3); now I just need the 40+" LCD HDTV to go with them and the Segway to complete the "young technophile who doesn't know what else to do with his money" image.

But I hear that there are all these new LCD factories that aren't used in production yet because no company wants to be the first one to use them. Or something. What the hell? Why would someone tell me something like that? I'm way too obsessive to know that. They're dumping their current stock so they can begin manufacturing legions of low-cost, low-power warriors as soon as they're ready. Or maybe that's all made-up, and prices aren't going to go down much more. The first monitor I bought was a 19" CRT, at a decent price but still pricey at the time. They went down in price like a couple months later. The next monitor I bought, the one I have now, is a 19" LCD, and LCDs dropped in price a few months later. This always happens, and it will always happen, and it keeps me wary and confused.

The thing is, I wonder how this benefits companies. I don't think I get it. Everyone knows that technology only gets cheaper, and rumors that it's going to become much cheaper in the future don't sell more technology. They should be assuring me through mass marketing that the prices of LCD TVs are as cheap as they're going to get for a long while, or perish the thought, they may even go back up. Then I'd snatch one right up. But, they're not, and so now I don't know if I should buy one. So, I won't. I'm too paranoid to put much stock in the "just buy it now; prices will always go down, so just buy what you want" mantra among technology enthusiasts with more common sense than me.

I'll probably wait until I get a house or condo, which I see as probably being a good 16 months from now. I don't think I'm really going to consider moving out next spring. I really don't have a good place for a massive TV yet.

I've yet to come up with a good way to have a large TV and computer monitor coexist, and I'm certainly not buying another set of speakers. The speakers need to be with the computer, and the speakers need to be with the TV. They must coexist in harmony.

But, anyway, on the original topic, the companies manufacturing massive LCD HDTVs have not successfully marketed me into giving them five grand yet. They should work on that.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously, the Sony XBR 40" is badass. You should buy it now.

And buy it from Best Buy.