Sunday, November 13, 2005

Warcraft again

Wow, I played a lot of WoW today. About ten hours. It was a lot of fun, though. One run through the Sunken Temple, one run through the Undead half of Stratholme, four games of Arathi Basin, and one game of Alterac Valley. I joined the AV game about halfway through, and saw it through to its victorious conclusion, three hours later.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll hit Stone Guard (rank 6) on Tuesday. The reward of being able to buy potions is pretty useless to an alchemist, but at least I'll be able to enter the officers' barracks. It's the principle of the thing. Given the amount of playtime required just to maintain my current rank, it seems very unlikely that I'll ever advance past rank 6, if I ever make it there at all.

That leaves me tomorrow to get done everything that I planned for this weekend, including, you know, sort of planning the trip I'm leaving for next Saturday.

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