Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Vger, Stone Guard

My World of Warcraft character Vger has now reached the rank of Stone Guard (that's Knight for all of you Alliance types). Hooray. The rewards are incredibly unrewarding; I can enter the restricted officers' area of Orgrimmar, which looks pretty much exactly like the warrior trainers' hall. There, I can buy potions that are basically identical to the ones I can already create, being an alchemist. I can also buy a tabard that looks almost exactly like the one I already have. Dumb.

I'm currently ranked 353 out of the Horde players on the server, which is not the highest I've been, but there are a lot more people participating now than before. I'm #16 out of people not in a guild, which puts me on the first page, though. That's something.

There's no way that a normal person could get much higher than where I already am. There are people who regularly play in a week more than I play in my heaviest month, and those are the people just a few ranks above me. I shudder to think about how much the people at the top must play.

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