Friday, November 18, 2005

No longer excruciatingly hot

The heating and cooling system in my apartment is now finally back to normal. Hooray. I don't know what they did. They left a card, but the handwriting is completely incomprehensible. I think I can make out the words "set" and "drain." I'm not sure why "drain" is there... maybe it has something to do with the drainage work they did recently, though that makes little sense to me. Why would a drain affect my thermostat? Is it on the heat pump outside? Oh well. The important thing is that it's now a reasonable ~70 degrees inside my apartment, instead of 80 in the cooler areas with all of the vents shut off, and some areas warmer than that.

The ambient temperature in my computer's case has dropped 9C since this morning, which is a pretty damned big jump. That's the only other thermometer that I have in the apartment, as far as I know.

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