Saturday, November 26, 2005

More sweet music

November was a good month. In addition to the Enya album I've been awaiting for half a decade, the latest Hooverphonic album came out too, and it's absolutely fantastic. It's a two-disc set: the first is titled More Sweet Music, and the second is titled No More Sweet Music. Both contain different versions of the same songs. It's like disc A has the light side versions, and disc B has the dark side versions. In general, the No More Sweet Music versions are more electronic-y than the More Sweet Music versions. I'd have been happy with either one as an album, but getting both together is a cool experience. The set cost me something like $30 USD thanks to exchange rates and shipping from Belgium, but seeing as it's a 2-CD set, it's pretty reasonable.

It's hard to pick favorites; they all fit together. You Love Me to Death is a perfect opener. No More Sweet Music is quirky and awesome, with a bizarre Lawrence Welk-tastic flowing strings background. Wake Up is powerful and beautiful and complex. In general, I like the More Sweet Music versions a little more than the No More Sweet Music versions, but I'd have paid $30 even for the NMSM versions alone and been happy. I'm extremely pleased with this purchase. I knew Hooverphonic wouldn't let me down, despite their somewhat disappointing last album, Sit Down and Listen to Hooverphonic, orchestral and acoustic reinterpretations of their previous hits.

I've listened to each of the discs about four times today, and I can't get enough. Just to avoid insanity, I'm switching over to Enya for a bit now.

[This post was written on the flight from Grom'Gol to Kargath. It's annoying enough that the Libram of Voracity is unique despite it being a repeatable quest, but then I find out that Thottbot's quest page doesn't list the necessary Black Diamond. This will be my second time visiting Quest Guy today, and I have one more to go since the book is Unique...]

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