Sunday, November 6, 2005

Far from home

Three foods come to mind that I miss from Nebraska, in no particular order:

• Biscuits and sausage gravy. I'm sure that some IHOP-ish place out here makes it, but I've never seen it on any menu.

• Runzas. Not something that I had too frequently, but still something I miss.

• Chicken tikka kadai from The Oven. I've yet to have anything out here that was even close to as good.

When I return for Thanksgiving, I will be visiting The Oven and a Runza at least once.


Andy Misle said...

1. Find a good recipe (it can't be THAT hard to make). If I were so inclined (e.g. if I had been brought up to like this abomination), I would try out Alton Brown's Biscuit recipe, and pair it with one of the recipes from the whole show he did on gravy (I would guess Sawmill Gravy is what you're looking for). He's a good southern boy and it's a wonderful cooking show.

2. I hear you can buy frozen Runzas from any restaurant. Getting them back to Redmond is your problem.

3. If no other Indian restaurant can come close to The Oven, I don't know how I ever could. I think you're SOL on this one.

Travis said...

Yeah, #1 is the only one I'm willing to try making myself. I don't think I like frozen things enough to want to buy frozen Runzas. I had Indian tonight, and it was the best I've had out here, but the Oven is still way better.

Anonymous said...

The Oven is unbeatable.

Lemme know when you're going, though Thanksgiving week is going to be pure hell for me.

Travis said...

I'll try to keep you in mind, Will. I'll probably have to keep the Oven crew down to a small group if I want to actually have conversations during dinner. The huge dinner thing was always fun, though; maybe we can plan some larger trek to Lazlo's or something.